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The Healing Team App

Clients receive access to a shared access application on your device.

This allows for open communication at a time that works for each of us.

We can comment, reply, and assign to each other.

This holds us both accountable.

Using data from your goals, we will develop a custom treatment plan that will include the following:

  • Taper Plan: A mapped out gradual decrease of amount and frequency of medication. (Example: decrease amount by 10% every 2 weeks.)


Key Takeaways/Definitions:

  • Tolerance = a person's diminished response to the substance, which occurs when used repeatedly and the body adapts to its presence.​

  • Dependence = when a person stops using a substance, their body experiences withdrawal.

  • Withdrawal = physical and mental symptoms that can range from mild to life-threatening.

  • M.A.R. (Medication Administration Record):
    -To document the amount of medication

       you take and at what time.
      -Prevents you from forgetting what you

       took and when.
      -Provides data to further develop and

       adhere to your goals.

  • Charting/Guided Journaling:
    -Prompts you to document observations

       on how you feel physically and mentally

       throughout the day.
      -Recommended to give 5 minutes

       of your time to this every morning,

       midday, and evening.
      -The more you chart, the more data we

      have to accurately assess the effectiveness.
      -Engaging in daily dialogue with yourself improves connection to              your inner healing intelligence.

  • Holistic Approach Care Plans:

      Holistic interventions are non-

      medication treatments that are

      shown by science to be effective.                                                                     -Vitamins 
     -Diet / Nutrition
     -Mental Fitness
     -Physical Fitness                                                                                       -       -Creative Expression                                                                                         -Higher Power Connection​​                                                                       -       -Connection With Mother Nature

            -All of the above are mapped out with weekly goals.

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