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About Me



Most are familiar with the term trauma survivor, but how about trauma thriver? I use this term to describe myself secondary to not just overcoming life obstacles, but strategizing how to integrate them into life for the better.

So About Me: 

I am healthy, sane, and free,

From PTSD to PTG,

Do you know what that means?

I’m an alchemist,

Turning Trauma into gold,

And I need the world to know,

About Post-Traumatic Growth. 

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This is a positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity or major life crises in order to rise to a higher level of functioning. My greatest life lessons have stemmed from my darkest of times. I’m a lover and learner of life, constantly observing and identifying ways to positively impact myself, other beings, and environments around me (as evidenced by “Coping Toolbox Group Project” & “Delirium Tremens” in Portfolio, or “New Grad Me” in Creative Writings). I’ve had a successful 10 year career as a leader within the Behavioral Health Field of Nursing, with a special interest in Chemical Dependency. 


Through this experience it became evident that when prescribing pharmaceuticals, medication education is often overlooked (as evidenced by benzodiazepines being the most prescribed to and detoxed off of substance at the inpatient setting). Observing chronically medicated individuals for over a decade, it appears that when taken for an extended period of time, pharmaceuticals can be a detriment to your wellbeing. They appear to decline your body and mind in a variety of ways as you become less able to heal and deal with life obstacles on your own, and more dependent on an external chemical to do so (and then start needing more). 


That’s why I developed Pharmaceutical Detox Protocols and Holistic Approach Treatment Plans. If you or a loved one are currently dependent on antidepressant, anti-anxiety, sleep, or psychostimulant medication and would like coaching to discontinue, then come join the healing team. 


Following a traumatic 1-2 punch combo in my life (my daughter’s near death experience & pursuing criminal sexual abuse charges for her as the victim), I sought pharmaceutical treatment. I have at one time in my life been prescribed the following: Ativan, Klonopin, Temazepam, Ambien, Adderall, Vyvanse, Modafinil, Propranolol, and Tenex. Throughout this time I experienced many side effects and changes to my personality. I also experienced the prescribing doctor laughing at, mocking, or ignoring my requests to taper off of these medications. 


So what’s a girl to do!? I decided to solve the problem by developing an entire system and testing it on myself as the first patient. I am proud to say 'Big Pharma' no longer has its grasp on me (come join the healing team!).


     I was at one time obese, 

   traumatized, and in a very 

        unhealthy mindset. 

        Now I’m loving life,

          singing about it, 

           and biohacking. 

       I utilize my personal 

   life experience by reflecting 

  back and integrating the most 

      effective strategies that 

 have contributed to the positive 

  lifestyle changes I have made.


I am Suicide Prevention, Nonviolent Crises Intervention, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy, and Microdosing trained; and integrate these into my treatment plans.


I am a member of the International Association for Psychedelic Nursing, the American Cannabis Nurses Association, the Cannabis Nurses Network, and the San Francisco Psychedelic Society.

My goal is to contribute back to the community I found healing within by providing a value that promotes positive change. Secondary to observations made within CommuniTea meetings, I developed this into a coaching program for others to connect back to their ideal, authentic self. I believe healing is a potential for everyone.


I represent the counterculture and am the anti-psychiatrist. My long term goal is to be an influencer of healing and love, develop many projects to help others, and impact society in a beneficial way by revamping the current societal healthcare systems we have in place. Let’s re-evaluate how money, control, and power are used within these systems and impacting human lives.


In a way, this pandemic has united us; we’re all connected and affected.


How many people on this Earth are currently sick? Addicted? Hurting themselves? Hurting others? Hurting the environment?


In my opinion, it's in our best interest to learn and adapt societal changes that contribute to less harm towards all beings and the planet. Make it easier to coexist. Business School 101 teaches to build something sustainable & scalable, how many are practicing this in their life? 


Amanda Heals Dude ✌️ .

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