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Group Coping Toolbox Project

  • Purpose: To help develop individual self esteem as well as promote cohesiveness and team building within the group support system by collaborating each individual strengths and efforts towards a common goal.


“Coping Toolbox”


  • Each woman identify their #1 coping mechanism they have correlated with success.

  • Prepare a few minute presentation on what the coping skill is, why they chose it, and how it works.

  • Present in group.

  • Email it to me. 

  • I will combine all the coping skills together in the form of a “toolbox”.

  • We will distribute out to all the women to take with them in their individual journeys. It’s expected to have ups and downs in life, but during the downs grab your toolbox, believe in yourself, and remember the women who believe in you also.

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